Internet problems

  henza_mapenza 14:31 19 Jan 04

In the morning i use freeserve to connect to the internet. I had no problems. However when i try to connect after midnight and the morning of the next day i cannot. i use dialup and i can hear the modem dialling the number but afterwards i can connect to the internet but a error page comes up. I try to try other websites but i cannot. It still happens. I have XP home and norton internet security. Is it normal or are my settings incorrect? This is the first time i have experienced this problem.

  johnnyrocker 14:32 19 Jan 04

is there a time of access issue with your package?


  henza_mapenza 16:22 20 Jan 04

No I use dial up modem connected to freeserve and i used to be able to connect to the net any time of the day. Is it because the server could be down?

  henza_mapenza 14:18 01 Aug 04

It works if i disable norton internet security, i can surf about but be vulnerable ti attacks. Any help on settings to do with the firewall?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:01 01 Aug 04

ZoneAlarm click here use this very good free firewall instead

  GaT7 18:38 01 Aug 04

Try click here. Good luck, G

  canard 00:17 02 Aug 04

Doubt you need a firewall at all with dialup because your dynamic address [or whatever the tech term is] is always changing so you are not a sitting duck for those gadgets which hackers use to find a victim.

  henza_mapenza 21:34 04 Aug 04

i have tried using a new browser, doing what it tells me to do on the symantec support and even re-installing NIS but the problem is still there. Any reccomendations?
I can try zonealarm which was suggested by fruit bat.

  GaT7 22:04 04 Aug 04

Have you tried this?

'How to reset firewall rules for Internet-enabled programs in NIS or NPF' click here. G

  henza_mapenza 01:52 07 Aug 04

I have resetted my firewall but everything works like it only loads up the home page:
The rest is still the same. Has anyone had this problem after installing NIS 2003 and solved it and if so how. Awaiting replies.

  henza_mapenza 15:20 07 Aug 04

the only way i can make it work with the firewall is disabling it, then visit any site then enabling it again but i will ahv eto do this every time i go to a different website.

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