Internet problem - losing connection periodically

  Ynyshir25 13 Apr 13

I have been having difficulty with my internet this week. I have been in touch with my IP and they say there is nothing wrong with my phone line. I am using Windows XP Pro and I am losing the internet every few minutes or so. I then ask Windows to repair and then it lasts another few minutes and I am back to square one. Can anyone help me resolve this problem. Please give answers in full as I am not very computer literate.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13 Apr 13

Make and model of router?

Make and model of PC / Laptop?

Is this the wireless signal your losing?

  Ynyshir25 14 Apr 13

The router is a D-Link Model DsL 2680 I am using an Acer Travelmate 4100 Yes, the problem is I am forever losing the wireless signal. It is driving me mad. This is about my fifth attempt to get back to you as either I lose the wireless signal or am told that the Internet is not responding. It would be great if you are able to help me out here

  Ynyshir25 16 Apr 13

Thanks for your input. I am afraid it did not work but I then decided to re-connect using the TalkTalk disk they sent me originally. At the moment it all seems to be working OK, but thanks anyway

  Ex plorer 17 Apr 13

talktalk updater toolTake a look here if you have any further problems.

I had the D-Link Model DSL 2680 provided by talktalk and eventually slung it after a few months as it was giving me similar problems to yours and connected a BT modem.

Personally I would do some research and buy a better modem, that way you are not tied to talktalk for another year by getting a free unit just so they can get a further years subscription.

The down side is if you want help at a later date they will insist you use a Taltalk modem and will not help or assist you.(That has been my findings)

If you do get a problem even with a different modem to what Talktalk say you have to use, you will find most problems can be solved in this forum.

You seem to have resolved your problem for now but dont put up with equipment that gives ongoing problems its not worth the agro.


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