Internet Phone adaptor

  dms_05 22:31 26 Apr 08

I've just bought an Internet Phone Adaptor (IPA) that seems to work OK with my DECT phone. I can make and receive IP calls without my computer been involved as it's a LAN device. However one oddity is the LAN connection from the IPA to my Router shows as an orange rather than the green 'OK' light I get with other devices correctly connected to the Router. The IPA shows it's own green light indicating it's functioning correctly. Any idea why the router is showing orange?

  ambra4 01:56 27 Apr 08

All 10/100 Router ports and Lan card have a difference colour led for the speed that it connect an transmit at

Green led is connected and transmitting at 100Mbps

Orange led is connected an transmitting at 10Mbps

Your Internet Phone Adaptor is connected and transmitting the date signal at 10Mbps

  ambra4 02:07 27 Apr 08

Sorry should read "Data signal"

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