Internet on PC with no internal wifi.

  ronec 11:01 10 Dec 12

I have a Dimension 3100 PC that I want to give my Grand Daughter. It was attached to the Internet via a yellow lead to a Router. She wants to use the pc in her bedroom and connect to her internet router via wifi. As there is no wireless adapter in the computer, will one of the USB wireless devices work? Sorry I am a bit of a dunce when it comes to computers and even worse when it comes to setting up Internet connections. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

  tullie 16:30 10 Dec 12
  ronec 16:35 10 Dec 12

Hi tullie. That will work on the PC without having any kind of modem inside then??

  mgmcc 22:11 10 Dec 12

The item linked to is a USB "Wireless Network Adapter". It will connect wirelessly to the router, thereby emulating the ethernet cable connection that you've been using. Nothing else will be required.

  ronec 22:16 10 Dec 12

Thanks mgmcc. I will get one ordered. Not the end of the world in price.

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