Internet options

  Kingfisher 23 May 11

Hi everyone, My friend has xp sp3 pc.the problem is he cannot open internet options in the tools menu of internet explorer, it flashes up then nothing, all other options within tools are all accessable. He is using IE8 supplied by Yahoo, I have tried downloading IE8 from Microsoft, but then IE8 wont open at all. I think I need to uninstall the yahoo version of IE8 then try and download The MIcrosoft version, but am wary of doing this in case He ends up with no IE8 at all. Any help with trying to resolve this problem would be appreciated many thanks

  Sea Urchin 23 May 11

Can he open it from within Control Panel?

  Kingfisher 23 May 11

Hi Sea Urchin, Thank you for your reply, to be honest with you I didnt know you could until I just checked on my pc. I will ring him and post back thanks

  Kingfisher 23 May 11

Hi Sea Urchin in respose to your suggestion. The same thing happens internet options flashes on the screen and disappears immediately

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23 May 11

Control Panel - Add / remove - click on IE8 and select repair.

  Kingfisher 23 May 11

Thanks Fruit Bat/\0/\ will give it a try and post back asap


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