internet not working correctly

  X-treme 11:25 02 Feb 05

Hi, every time i try to go to a web site by typing E.g: click here i get a msg saying that it cant find the web site. the only way i can access a site is by using AOL`s search engine.

plz help..

  FelixTCat 11:49 02 Feb 05

Who is you ISP? Dial-up or broadband? Which browser are you using? Which version? Which operating system? Are you using a router or connecting the internet directly to your computer? Which firewall are you using? What are its settings? How long has this problem existed? What did you change just before the problem started?

It is difficult to help you unless you can give us a bit more information

  X-treme 14:27 02 Feb 05

my operating system is xp home , my isp is aol 9.0b , recently i upgraded to 2mb broadband and ever since my connection has been really slow..

my firewall is mc afee firewall but i have disabled it already. i dont use a router, i have a direct connetion

  plsndrs3 14:41 02 Feb 05

I'm not sure if this helps, but AOL has to be connected to go online [my broadband does not require an ISP to have an open screen, yet my son's does]. If you mean that you are trying to access the web without opening AOL [for example, clicking on Internet explore & trying to open that] this is not possible as far as I know. AOL insist that you sign on THEN access the web .....



  X-treme 14:45 02 Feb 05

when i start up aol, aol`s home page comes up, but when i try to type in a web address i get the msg "cannot find web page" the only way i can access a web page is if i search for it..

  VideoSentry 15:00 02 Feb 05

Though I cannot supply the 'Why' I can provide a short term solution: Just save google ( when you get to the search page ) as a favorite In AOL or IE and/or to your desktop as a short cut.

  X-treme 15:07 02 Feb 05

after i upgraded to 2mb broadband it updated my drivers but i was getting a exclamition sign on my local area connetion at the bottom right of the screen,saying that i had limited or no connection? so i re-installed aol, now i have this problem also..

  plsndrs3 15:26 02 Feb 05

I would call AOL broadband help as it is possible that it is something to do with the upgrade to 2Mb. They can check everything - but Device Manager was initially pointing the way.

If you are having no joy, or feel uneasy doing this, call and ask for 'level 2 support' as these are the people who DON'T use flow charts to sort out a problem!


  X-treme 15:36 02 Feb 05

thx m8 will try that

  SANTOS7 15:41 02 Feb 05

click here
this may help.........

  X-treme 15:53 02 Feb 05

thx m8 ill try that when i get home

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