internet not responding

  Busta123 29 May 13

hi every time i start my pc. i get webgaes not responding .but if i restart me pc it works fine.any1 any ideas why please. thanks

  onthelimit1 29 May 13

Try leaving it a bit longer before accessing the net and also try a different browser (say Google Chrome if you normally use IE).

  spuds 29 May 13

Do you ever do any 'spring-cleaning' or computer maintenance like cache removal?.

  Busta123 30 May 13

Thanks ive try other browser and its still the same,i have reboot too get it too work. Yes mate often clean pc. cheers.

  nuttypiglet 30 May 13

what windows?

  Busta123 17 Jun 13

im on windows 7 ultimate.

Im still having the problem ive found now that after about 4/5 mins it will come on after ive clicked on Fix Connection Problem,it doesn't exactly fix it but after a couple of mins clicking on that my internet connection works.Puzzling,very annoying too!

  Busta123 09 Aug 13

still got the problem sometimes when I restart it works,then it doesn't .problems says..

Local area Connection doesn't have a valid IP configuration..whatever that means.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09 Aug 13

Maybe try disabling IPV6 and see what happens see here

  Busta123 24 Aug 13

ive tried a new Ethernet cable and all seems well now,thanks for the help and advice. thankyou


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