Internet noise off, WMP on though!!

  gazmix 23:52 09 Jul 09

This has happened a few times of late. The speakers i have work ok when playing WMP files, but not when playing things of youtube etc!

Is there a way of turning internet noise up & down & i wonder what could've caused it!



  rdave13 09:12 10 Jul 09

Check that in IE-tools-internet options-advanced tab and under multimedia that 'play sounds in web pages' is ticked.

  gazmix 09:38 10 Jul 09

Hi, i will, it sems ok this morning, but spasmodically changes at different times!

Is there a way of changing this in Firefox as i don't use IE.

  rdave13 11:00 10 Jul 09

Go through control panel-network and internet connections-internet options.

  gazmix 14:50 10 Jul 09

Ok, will try that, but as i say, they weren't working last night, i turned pc on today & all was ok!!
I been runing a few programmes to get rid of some stuff on pc & wondered if they could've done anything but apparently my system is clean now & yet is still doing it!

  gazmix 19:03 10 Jul 09

I tried that & still seems to be happening. I've tried using different USB ports, restarted pc etc!

This morning the speakers worked, i logged off then back on & now they don't even though the green light on them is on!!
Also earphone jack on front of pc aint workin either!!


  gazmix 21:56 10 Jul 09

i ran spybot & adaware & all seems clean, i just don't know what to do next!!

anyone?? please

  gazmix 15:12 12 Jul 09

This all happened after i did a lot of Microsoft Updates. Including SP3.

It happened firstly, then i rebooted & the sound came back & I can hear noises on the speakers, like when a mobile phone is near it or the hmmm when i turn them up etc, i know i have used some programmes to help sort another issue out, it just seems to have happened since i used them!!
I see no point in changing speakers as they do work playing WMP files.

Help appreciated

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