Internet on the move

  jim63 11 Aug 11

I am on holiday soon in UK and is there a way I can have internet access from laptop other than connected to someone else's modem.

  northumbria61 11 Aug 11

Via a Wireless Hot Spot or Mobile Dongle such as the PAYG one's in this list link text

  rawprawn 11 Aug 11

northumbria61 Do you know if a USB Dongle will work on an iPad2? I have a USB connector for the iPad. Thanks RP

  rawprawn 11 Aug 11

I will take. that as a No then. Thanks RP

  northumbria61 11 Aug 11

rawprawn - reading this contradicts what Beta is saying about USB Dongle for iPad link text Other than that I really wouldn't know.

  northumbria61 11 Aug 11

Further - link text

  rawprawn 12 Aug 11

Mmmm, I think I will still take that as a no. I mess around with my computer enough without starting on my iPad.

  northumbria61 12 Aug 11

Beta - "You didn't read this very well" - Okay I will take that as a no then!


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