Internet loading problem

  zaz 13:43 21 Oct 08


When I want go to the Internet - via Google and do some research, my pc just sticks and does nothing ! Google loads in - no problem. Outlook Xpress is a bit sluggish but does get there eventually.

Its just when i want to get out in the Net - its hopeless and frustrating!

I have just had more ram installed, and checked my broadband connection speed - and both are OK .........


to get any chance of getting further than Google I have to reboot .........

to make it worse it is a intermittant problem - and of course the pc performed beautifully at the repairers!
any ideas?


  provider 2 14:02 21 Oct 08

Sounds like a firewall problem. The Widows XP firewall should be disabled if you are running another one.

If ZoneAlarm, then check settings and permissions.
Same again if you have some kind of parental controls ... NetNanny etc ...

  zaz 14:05 21 Oct 08

thanks - now for the daft question ...........

how do I check if I am running another one ??? - and how do I disable Windows XPfirewall if I find I am.

  provider 2 14:05 21 Oct 08

Have you changed any of the Security/Privacy settings in Internet Explorer? ... medium and medium-high are usually enough.

  zaz 14:09 21 Oct 08

Ok - that sounds reasonable - where and how do I check the settings for IE?

  provider 2 14:10 21 Oct 08

Sart> Control Panel> Widows Firewall ... this window will tell you if it is on or off.

The other one, if you have it will show in the Notification Area, All Programs, Add/Remove programs and sometimes on Desktop too.

  provider 2 14:11 21 Oct 08

Internet Explorer> Tools> Internet Options> Security and Privacy tabs.

  zaz 14:20 21 Oct 08

On my controll panel I do have an Icon for Windows firewall

but I cant see I have any other firewall.

  provider 2 14:21 21 Oct 08

I should add that the Windows XP firewall is not adequate ... it can`t stop outbound nasties.

Comodo, for example, is very much better.

  zaz 14:22 21 Oct 08

security and privacy setting are medium to high as you said ..........

any other suggestions?

  zaz 14:23 21 Oct 08

I use Fsecure as a virus and all round protector .........isnt that enough?

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