internet keeps cutting out

  master t 19:08 09 Apr 04

some time when i am on the internet it will cut out and then come back on. i dont know if its my modem or the internet service itself.

  Djohn 19:24 09 Apr 04

A little more info please. O/S [Operating system]. Type of connection, Broadband or dial-up. Your ISP and a time period as well please. IE: does it happen every 2 hours or so or at intermittent times? j.

  master t 19:29 09 Apr 04

my operating system is xp pro, ive got broadband 3 times faster, it happens twice a day but some days it dosent go off. i dont know how to find my ISP

  Master T 20:37 09 Apr 04

it cut out again. damn thing

  Djohn 20:40 09 Apr 04

Sorry Master T, my fault. Your ISP is your "Internet service provider" I will post a recommendation for you to check in a mo. Just need to type it out. j.

  Master T 20:43 09 Apr 04

thats ok Djohn

  Djohn 20:52 09 Apr 04

Right click on your "My Computer" Icon then click on Device manager. Scroll down to "Universal Serial bus controllers" and click on the + sign at the side of it.

Scroll down to "USB root hub" [should be several.

Right click on the first one and choose "Properties". click on the "Power management tab and remove the tick from "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".

Do the same for all/any other root hub devices showing. This may be the cause of your problem.

If not then it may be because you have other USB hardware connected to the same ports. Broadband modems require the full 500 milliamp to themselves most of the time and will work better if connected through a powered hub.

These can be bought for about £20.00 and will provide you with 4 extra connections. You just connect the hub to the mains power then the USB lead from the hub to an existing USB port on your PC and finally the modem to the USB hub. j.

  Master T 20:57 09 Apr 04

thanks i will have to wate a while to see if it works

  Djohn 21:10 09 Apr 04

Your welcome. Let us know how you get on. j.

  Master T 21:11 09 Apr 04


  Master T 10:23 10 Apr 04


it worked, thanks for your advice

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