Internet just stops. Solution?

  Ellie3009 11:29 05 May 03

I have been having this problem for a while, but it has begun to frustrate me, so I'm looking for a solution!
When I'm using the internet, sometimes it just stops, usually after I have been online for more than 30 mins. The bytes recieved numbers just stop moving, even when there should be activity going on because I'm loading a page/downloading a file etc. However, I never get any "this program has stopped responding" type messages.

Once this happens I cannot load another website, and disconnecting and re-dialing doesn't solve the problem. The only way to solve the problem is to restart the PC, although it never shuts down properly after this has happened and I'm always forced to hit the power button.

I regularly use IE6, OE, Yahoo messenger 5.5, and MSN messenger (most recent version) although it seems to make no difference which combination of these, or how many windows I have open at the time.

The problem is not with phoneline or ISP, because the PC recently spent 4 weeks at my parents house where both are different, and the problem persisted.

The PC is running win 98, Athlon 600mhz, HD 10gb, 196mb RAM, with an HSP56k micromodem.

Thanks in advance for replies!

  _Treb_ 13:52 05 May 03

Try cleaning out your cookies folder in Internet options, that may help. Others may advise that you download and install inter protection programmes, Adaware, Spybot and Spyblaster just in case you have something nasty lurking in your PC. Hope this helps.

  handy4x 15:08 05 May 03

sonds to me like a driver problem i had similer prob with dragon pure soft modem try up dateing your driver or enter your modem type on google and see if you can find a newer driver or borrow a modem from a freind and try thatyou might find it cheeper and simpler to get another modem

  davidg_richmond 15:11 05 May 03

ellie i am getting this problem too, using motorola surfboard modem, win98se, usb hub, latest drivers/software etc and zonealarm (are you using this?) the internet connection freezes and kicks in again after about 30 seconds. it does this regularly and doesnt seem to coincide with a block from zonealarm. i havent fathomed it yet, but it never did this with WinME

  Ellie3009 15:16 05 May 03

I clean out my cookies and temp files folders and scan with Ad-aware once a week, so it isn't that!

I might give this a go, but I'm not sure how helpful it'll be.

My connection doesn't freeze and come back, it just freezes and dies. I do have zone alarm, and I disabled it for a while thinking it might be to blame, but it makes no difference. I did the same with Norton Antivirus in case that was causing the problem, but no joy there either!!

Anyone else got any ideas?

  hugh-265156 15:23 05 May 03
  Ellie3009 16:05 05 May 03

Nice idea, but the problem isn't that it disconnects when idle, the problem is that it disconnects when I'm doing something, and as sods law would have it, usually something important!

  recap 16:05 05 May 03

You could try deleting the Modem from your system, doing a hard reboot for Windows to recognise it and re-installing it.

  kane_2002k 16:22 05 May 03

and see if that works ok, if it does u know fault is with ur modem.

  Ellie3009 20:20 05 May 03

I have just re-installed the modem with an updated driver, but since i have only been online a few minutes it remains to be seen whether this will help.

I will post back tomorrow with the results.

  Jomi 20:39 05 May 03

I had a very similar problem, which turned out to be the telephone extension cable I was using, between the pc and the phone socket.

If the above solutions haven't worked maybe you would like to take a look at that.

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