internet impossible after free software installed

  johnny7581 10:54 12 Jan 15

Help! I installed some free software, and ever since I've been plagued with pop up ads, not only that, whenever I'm on the internet, I'll suddenly be taken to a completely different site, literally every couple of seconds. It is so bad I can no longer browse the internet at all, its just impossible. What can I do?

  Jollyjohn 11:02 12 Jan 15

Go to Control Panel - Programs - Put a tick in the box to "Show updates" Scroll through and look for Internet Explorer. Uninstall IE - This will actually just roll it back to the previous version but it will remove the hijacker that has hijacked your browser.

If you are not using Internet Explorer, then uninstall whatever browser you are using, reboot & re install the browser.

  spuds 11:06 12 Jan 15

"What can I do?"

First thing, never download anything that's free, unless its from a secure and reliable website. All to often, the free software comes with a number of 'nasties' that can be very hard to remove.

If you have any malware or other safeguard program's on your computer, then run a check with them, to see if they find anything.

For real problem removers, you could try ADWCleaner click here and/or Malwarebytes Anti-root kit click here

  john bunyan 11:35 12 Jan 15

I agree with spuds. Do run ADWCleaner asap and report back. Accept defaults, let it scan and restart PC

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