internet. how?

  connora 20:32 19 Feb 07

i'm a total newbie, i've been given hp omnibook laptop (ancient) and installed windows 98 on it.I have been giving a new wireless card and an installation disc. I've installed the software, rebooted and installed the adapter.I've checked the software encrypted my mep and am picking up my signal ok. the problem is getting on the internet,win 98 makes you go thru msn, offering you only dial up or lan. Neither lets me connect, can someone please help me.desperate.

  STREETWORK 21:15 19 Feb 07

Looks like you have some previously installed network dial-up account. This will be easy to get rid of.

Open control panel and then open network connections. Look for any connection that you have not placed there and select it, delete it.

Now before we go any further we need to know how you are connecting to the internet, Are you using anything that your internet provider sent you that you have connected to the phone line?

  Kate B 21:17 19 Feb 07

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  Rtus 21:19 19 Feb 07

who's your ISP (internet provider) ? & did you install their software ?

  connora 21:20 19 Feb 07

i'm wanting to connect to the interner via my wireless

  connora 21:22 19 Feb 07

didn't install any software , my isp is bt

  Rtus 21:24 19 Feb 07

As a total newbie I think it fair to explain ....even connecting via wireless you require an ISP , I just wondered if you had signed up with some provider yet? if you havent signed up with anyone you wont be able to use the web untill you do

  STREETWORK 21:24 19 Feb 07

Have you checked in the internet connections and deleted any there for other networks? If you do this we can progress...

  connora 21:28 19 Feb 07

im using win 98, where will they be?

  STREETWORK 21:30 19 Feb 07

check my first post please

  connora 21:34 19 Feb 07

thanks problem solved. cheers

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