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  pookie 22 Sep 12


I was with Talktalk which had a family protection filter which you could enable/disbale various categories. Eg you could disable all filesharing, gaming etc sites and this applied to all devices conencting through the modem router. This was all to stop the kids accidently coming across inappropriate websites.

I have moved to BT and their package came with Mcafee family protection. However, this software/filter system seems very hard to set up and is for each user individually rather than all users. I have set the age setting for my daughter but it's so strict it blocks google and youtube.

I have gone through Mcafee setup instructions and checked online.

Is their any free software that you can use to setup filters on individual pcs? We are all using Windows 7 and wireless connections.

Kind regards


  rdave13 22 Sep 12

How about Win 7's own parental control? click here

  pookie 23 Sep 12

Thank you. That seems to be setting times for computer use and also games. I really need something with tick box categories eg porn, filesharing, gaming etc

  rdave13 23 Sep 12

If you download Family Safety to run with the Parental Control you can then limit websites etc. click here. It's been a while since I used it but you need to install it on all the PCs for full control. You then get reports of usage from the FS web page on your PC. Worth a look anyway.

  pookie 23 Sep 12

Thank you. I'll look at it after lunch. Doing a roast at the moment!

  pookie 23 Sep 12

Perfect - thanks!

  rdave13 23 Sep 12

Glad you're sorted and it's a freebie.


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