holligan 17:42 01 Feb 04

I installed ver 6 last night as it said it could not be fixed all ok . then now its gone again it says version 5003715 scrrun dill exits but needs to be greater then 5.10510 i log off it trys to dail back on and cant clear history

i downloaded it from setting and it said errors after i did it...

were do i down load 6 from


  MichelleC 17:51 01 Feb 04

If you had probs with v5.5 which weren't fixed 1st you may still have probs with upgrade to v6. It's best to revert back via add/remove, sort out any probs then upgrade. What os?

  holligan 17:55 01 Feb 04

it was ok it said last night wnen i changed to 6 i have 6 now

  holligan 18:02 01 Feb 04

i downloaded 6 when i got isp june so ive never had 5 it says i have latest version

  Big Elf 18:12 01 Feb 04

It seemed to be working last night. Can you remember changing anything since then? What are you trying to do when you get the error and what is the exact error message please?

  holligan 18:31 01 Feb 04

log off it comes back same as last night 5003715 scrrun dill exits but needs to be greater then 5.10510 i anit touched out since i have just installed again but no different.

cheers big e i thought before i posted you`d turn up haha

  Big Elf 18:40 01 Feb 04

If it's a problem with the scrrun dll then you can get it from here click here

  holligan 18:51 01 Feb 04

just wait till i log off later now. cheers big e

They say yorkshire men are tight, at least youre not with your advice hahah i wont ask for a loan hahah

  holligan 19:06 01 Feb 04

and it dailed back up

near the start button bottom left avg anti viris a little bit comes up like its stuck then goes

in the alt ctrl del it says helpw

the bloke at karoo helpline said it may be a program trying to open as not to turn off ie avg

iam lost


  Big Elf 19:20 01 Feb 04

You may have some spyware installed try some of these:

Download, update and run the following

Spybot click here

AdAware click here

SpywareBlaster click here

I haven’t tried these myself but they have been recommended for Trojan removal by others on the forum:

Trojan Remover click here and

The Cleaner click here

  Big Elf 19:51 01 Feb 04

Another thing to try is to click on Start, Run and enter msconfig.exe then click OK. Look on the Startup tab and see if you have the option to disable it.

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