Internet Explorer9 freezing possible Rootkit??

  Muergo 29 Jun 11

Recently IE9 has started freezing and saying it has to close and restart.

If I ignore this and close the popup without agreeing to close, it goes back to normal. At other times it freezes completely and I need Task Manager to close it

In PCAdv news there was a report of a rootkit infection, I have run a quick scan of Malwarebytes and SAS is running all the time together with Microsoft essentials, ASC shows no malware problems.

Has anybody else had IE9 problems.?

  sunnystaines 29 Jun 11

try a reset of ie9 tools-nternet options-adv tab- press reset button-ok

close down & re-start ie9

  buteman 29 Jun 11

Or while in there press Restore Advanced Setting.Or go to command prompt and type in ipconfig /flushdns and press enter on the keyboard.It should tell you DNS Cache has been flushed.If so reboot and see if it makes any difference.

  Muergo 29 Jun 11

Thank you both, have done all that, now wait and see if that fixes it.

What would cause it to go all sluggish and freeze, there is plenty of disk space and memory unused.

Perhaps it was one of the addons I haven't put back on again.

  buteman 29 Jun 11

Add ons should have been transferred from I/E8 so just a matter of enabling them again.

Make sure you have the latest flash and java updates.


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