Internet explorer won't give multiple windows

  Rebound 22:39 19 Nov 06

Suddenly,I cannot open more than one IE6 window at a time; even "open in seperate window" does not work. If I try to create a new instance of IE6 (that is open another from the desktop), the first one shuts down.
Can anyone please tell me how to stop this and allow multiple IE windows again?

  anskyber 22:44 19 Nov 06

From IE> Tools> Internet Options> Advanced> Browsing> uncheck "Reuse windows
for launching shortcuts."

And... make sure that you don't have a program running which is blocking
pop-up windows-
something like Yahoo Companion, Google toolbar, MSN toolbar

  Rebound 22:51 19 Nov 06

Unchecked as requested and I can't see any pop-up blocker running anywhere.
Also, don't have any 3rd party toolbars running.
Still the same though. I don't have to re-boot do I?

  anskyber 22:56 19 Nov 06

Not sure, I'm on IE7 now so the memory is fading fast! Sometimes there is an "apply" button to click before the OK.

  Rebound 22:59 19 Nov 06

Something that may be related - I can't install Flash player 9.0 either, and my existing Flash player (7.0) has stopped working.
Could this be related by the fact that the flash installer needs to open a seperate window?

Or, do you advise I go to IE7 also?
I am on XP Pro SP1 at present, with IE6.

  anskyber 23:03 19 Nov 06

You cannot go to IE7 unless you have the SP2 installed. Since Adobe took over Flashplayer upgrading to 9 is best done by using the Adobe uninstaller forst then installing.

uninstaller click here

installer click here

  Rebound 23:10 19 Nov 06

Well I'll try out those links seperately (as I can't yet open multiple IE6 windows), but thanks for the info re Flash.
Regarding IE7/SP2, do you think installing these will cure my problem re multiple windows of IE?

  skidzy 23:12 19 Nov 06


Is there a specific reason why SP1,maybe updating to sp2 would be a good start rebound.

Flash from click here
if no luck with anskyber's suggestions.

  p;3 23:14 19 Nov 06

I am on win 98 se and IE 6; to get more than one window open all I do is press ctrl and n

is that any good?

  Rebound 23:22 19 Nov 06

I have 1 desktop and 3 laptops on SP2 and 1 desktop on SP1. The desktop on sp1 is the "original" machine: its a Fujitsu 933MHz machine with 512 MB memory and a 32MB hercules graphics card. It currently runs the epson 1290s printer direct and up until last month was the only means of getting on the internet. I now have BT 8MB broadband and the new BT hub. Due to the age of the machine (5 years) I was concerned that if there was a problem with the sp2 install I would be without internet, etc. As this now does not matter, I think an sp2 install would be best.
But would this slove the problem with IE?

  Rebound 23:25 19 Nov 06

Just tried ctrl n.
All it did was refresh the instance of the current IE window.

Anyone know of a flag in regedit that I can look at?

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