Internet Explorer v Firefox

  guesswho2 21:47 06 Oct 07

Lately I've been finding FF to rather slow. Tonight I've been experimenting with I.E. having been committed to FF for a while, and IE seems much quicker. Anyone else found this?

  rdave13 21:50 06 Oct 07

It's what you personally prefer. IE7 to me is much better than FF but I normally use Opera.

  snoopygirl 22:10 06 Oct 07


  ambra4 22:47 06 Oct 07


there is no need to shout typing in caps on is shouting on a forums


personal I use ff as I find that there is many more options that i can add and delete by adding the correct extensions as I need plus I can use IE in ff if I have to, and can do more with the tabs,

IE is fixed to what bill want you to have and will not allow you to add other options,

I try to use as little of bill software as I can to many bugs.

  FatboySlim71 23:45 06 Oct 07

Personally I find Firefox the faster of the two browsers but I find some web pages seem to load up quicker with IE7 PC Advisor been one of them. Its basically what you prefer, there is nothing to stop you using the two, thats what I do, as I have mentioned "I find some web pages seem to load up quicker with IE7"

  DieSse 00:30 07 Oct 07

If you haven't already, try clearing your internet cache.

In FF it's in Tools - Options - Privacy - Private Data.

You're best off clearing it every time FF closes. Click the advanced button on the Private Data section to decide exactly whay you want cleared. Personally I only clear the cache.

  Jak_1 00:30 07 Oct 07

Firefox has gone slow, seems to have coincided with the new version. I'm finding IE6 faster for virtually everything at the moment.

  ambra4 00:41 07 Oct 07

How to speed up Firefox check this site and change the setting in Firefox

click here

  NChick 12:31 07 Oct 07

I used to use Internet Explorer but then I heard about Firefox. Most pages load quicker (always useful for use dial-uppers) and there are lots more options. Although I don't like the Mac-style layout, when I think about going on the 'net, I think about "firing up the fox" <ahem>.

  guesswho2 15:57 07 Oct 07

Many thanks to all of you. It's been very interesting to read your comments.
Thanks especially to NChick - it'll take me some time to get the hang of all the stuff in that website!
Cheers all.

  guesswho2 21:20 08 Oct 07

I should have said thanks especially to ambra4 for the website. Sorry about that!

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