Internet Explorer Security

  russmini 21:18 14 Sep 08

Just been onto Photobucket to Upload some Video etc and a Pop Up Pops Up for Every Folder and File in Every Folder...

It says Internet Explorer Security at the Top and then....

A Website wants to open web content using this program on your computer, in a Yellow Box at the Top, then...

Gives some more info and this..

Name: Windows host process(Ruundll32)
Publisher: Microsoft Windows

I always press Allow obviously, but it takes ages to go throught them all and i can't do anything till it has gone through them all...

Where do i go to Change a Setting that must be causing this ?????

Thanks Russ.

  Stuartli 21:34 14 Sep 08

f you are using IE7, go to Page (on the Toolbar)>Web Page Privacy Policy and Allow Photobucket's website.

  russmini 22:02 14 Sep 08


Tried that and Still doing it...


Thanks though, any more suggestions anyone ???

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