charlton200 09:26 02 May 04

since reinstalling windows me back on to my computer ,i have had INTERNET explorer problems.
Every so often, a box comes up saying , Microsoft INTERNET explorer has encountered an error and needs to close. It also asks you if you want to send off the report,then it shuts down.This is inconvenient at the best of times especially if i am in the middle of sending something.
i have tried the repair option in add and remove , but would appreciate any advise.
many thanks.

  Gongoozler 09:30 02 May 04

Is this of any help click here

  charlton200 10:11 02 May 04

Thanks it was worth a try, but the download was not for windows me and it said for windows me to select the disable script debugging box,but this had already been done.
but thanks anyway.

  Gongoozler 10:20 02 May 04

But is there a "Click here" to give any more information?

  charlton200 10:41 02 May 04

If you mean on the error report, i can't remember but the next time it happens i will follow it through.

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