internet explorer lost password

  blueboy2uk 19:07 07 Feb 05

hello hope someone can help me, someone at work(unknown) has put a password on to the content adviser on my computer at work but before they did they lowered all 4 of the items to the lowest and now i cant change them so this has rendered my internet allmost useless as if i even try to log on to my hotmail it wont let me is there any way i can unlock content adviser and put in my own password to it to stop anybody messing around with it in future i use window 2000 at work.


  VoG II 19:12 07 Feb 05
  FelixTCat 19:14 07 Feb 05

I haven't come across this and, to be fair, I am only guessing at this solution.

Try looking for a file named [logon name}.pwd on your system, particularly in C:\Documents and Settings\[Logon name]\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer. If there is one there, back it up or change it to, say, *.pwe and try again.

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