"Internet Explorer has a problem..."

  The Griffin 08:27 29 Mar 03

Whilst trying to access some web-sites (not all) the following error message appears:
"Microsoft Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Send error report..."
The web page promptly disappears and Explorer returns me to my home-page.
For what its worth, the details in the error report are:

"Error signature=
AppVer: 6.0.2800.1106
ModName: msjava.dll
ModVer: 5.0.3802.0
Offset: 00004caa"

I downloaded IE6 service pack 1 to try to rectify the problem - to no avail.
Any ideas why this is happening? I'm running Windows 98SE and have ISDN internet access.
Many thanks.

  VoG™ 08:36 29 Mar 03

You could try a repair of IE click here

  old jim 08:44 29 Mar 03

I have no idea why your copy of IE is playing up,
but if I were you I whould dich it and use Mozila or Opera insted, they are a lot more stable and a lot faster, with the added bonus that with these web browsers you can configer them to bloc pop up ads, you will find them on any Internet Mag disk.

  muppetmark 13:02 29 Mar 03

Spybot S and D caused a similar problem with it's immunize feature when in beta , are you using spybot, has it been updated ?

  jazzypop 14:35 29 Mar 03

As it is java that is causing the problem, try installing the 'proper' version from Sun - click here

  The Griffin 01:42 31 Mar 03

Many thanks for all advice. In the end - a reload of the IE6 SP1 (service pack) from the Microsoft (UK) support web-site seems to have cured the problem. Although I'm grateful for the Sun Systems web-site from 'Jazzypop' as that was going to be my next task! [Thinking that my msjava.dll file might have been corrupted, I got as far as looking for a possible download from the Microsoft web-site - only to find a notice telling me all about their recent spat with Sun!]

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