internet explorer error reports

  paul 14:29 20 Feb 04

i am running windows 98se and internet explorer6,everytime i try to open explorer i get an error message - saying that an error has been encountered and ie needs to close, this is followed by the illegal operation warning....

my internet connection is fine just can not access explorer on my machine (am using a spare one now)

  JIM 14:35 20 Feb 04

try the repair via the add/remove programs for IE.
Highlight internet explorer and tools click and chose repair if avaiable to you.

  paul 14:39 20 Feb 04


sorry should have said i have tried the repair option and did not work i have also reinstalled and still the same......

had a new main board installed and problem has been since then

  JIM 14:48 20 Feb 04

have you ran a SFC check? Also do a find to make sure the iexplore.exe file is showing up.

new main board installed and all else going ok? should count as software prob.

  JIM 14:51 20 Feb 04

FACE comming on :)no problem with INTERNET explorer,you have problem with windows explorer?

Still do a SFC check.

  paul 14:55 20 Feb 04

everything else seems i agree re software problem.....

no trace of iexplore.exe on find so this is looking like the problem - unfortunately i dont know how to get round it

have run sfc, and am mid way trhough a virus check now but scan regularly and am ususally ok

  JIM 15:11 20 Feb 04

double check for that.

Go to Start,Run,type in sfc, click OK, to the System File Checker.

Put the dot in extract one file from installation disk, then put the name of the file you want to extract(-- iexplore.exe---)in the box and click the start button right below it.

That will take you to a page that wants to know where the cab files are.
If the cabs are on the computer? they are likely in C:\windows\options\cabs or on the win98cd in D:\Win98 or whatever your CD rom drive letter is.
the next box wants to know where you want to extract the file to, C:\windows\system.

  paul 15:15 20 Feb 04

Thanks Jim,

think I have found the problem - in control panel to internet options then under advanced deleted the tick that was enabling third party browsers ( whatever that means) and seems to be ok ( happily I am now on line on my main machine)


  JIM 15:22 20 Feb 04

As long as your sorted. "Cookies"

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