Internet Explorer Error Message

  sorceror7374 15:40 10 Jul 04

In the past 2 weeks Internet Explorer 6.0 has started giving me error messages after I try to login to websites saying it can't open or display that particular site. All other sites are okay, it's only the ones that I try to login to. Any ideas as to why it's doing this?

  Stuartli 15:49 10 Jul 04

Have you checked your Privacy (including cookies) and Security settings from Tools>Internet Options?

  sorceror7374 16:18 10 Jul 04

I've looked but it all looks alright as far as I can tell. Can't figure out what could be causing it.

  SEASHANTY 16:28 10 Jul 04

Is this the same using your other browser?

  sorceror7374 16:50 10 Jul 04

I don't have another browser, I'm using flatmates computer

  SEASHANTY 17:01 10 Jul 04

Pity. I have both IE6 and Mozilla installed. If one doesn't work (and its usually IE) then I use the other. Good way of checking where the fault lies.
You could try a repair of IE6. VoG has given a link for this in this other PCA thread
click here

  sorceror7374 17:34 10 Jul 04

I've tried all repair methods suggested and there's still no change in the situation.

  bof:) 17:42 10 Jul 04

Hi sorceror7374, have you tried using another browser? I use Mozilla click here and Internet Explorer.

Like yourself all my Internet Explorer settings seem ok and yet I have problems getting onto some sites.

Are you sure that you have not installed any type of program that stops you accessing some sites that run ie: macromedia flash.

Have you also checked that your firewall is not blocking out some sites.


  sorceror7374 18:08 10 Jul 04

No, nothing new has been added to my system recently. It's not just a few sites, it's any site that I try to logon to. Checked flatmates IE settings and they all match mine. I'll try to install a different browser and see if that does any better.

  SEASHANTY 19:32 10 Jul 04

It may have something to do with the latest Microsoft security update. The fact that it is your flatmates PC, not yours, may now be presenting some
problems as no doubt the PC is registered in the other persons name.

  sorceror7374 21:53 10 Jul 04

No, it can't be that....he has a totally different internet connection and his own operating system. Our systems are completely unrelated and nothing is shared between them.

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