Internet Explorer connection timeout

  vxman22 15:10 07 Oct 03

Hi, Wonder if anybody can help with this minor but irritating problem.
I'm running a small (4PC) Windows98 peer to peer network using an Internet Sharing Box and external modem to connect to my ISP. No problems connecting at all - launching IE on any PC fires up the modem but the delay caused by dialling etc. means that IE "times out" and brings up the "Page Cannot be Displayed" screen.
Is there any way of making adjusting IE's timout so that it waits a bit longer for the connection to be complete?
Thanks in advance.

  notmeguv 20:10 19 Jul 04

have you tried phoning the samaritans?

  Night Ryder 22:13 19 Jul 04

What I suggest you do is firstly stop IE from automaticaly dialing when opened. You will have to look in the tools menue for this. What you now do now is connect by going to network connections. Once the connection has been made and the modem is active, open IE. There is now no delay and IE sould start downloading your chosen page.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 00:45 20 Jul 04

You need to go to - modem properties - change default preferences - cancel call if not connected within change from 60secs to 120 secs.

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