Internet Explorer Cannot find server or DNS Error

  henke 20:00 04 Dec 05

Recently when I try to log onto the internet I receive the following message "Cannot find server or DNS Error" I use broadband and dont appear to have any connection problems.

When I log onto outlook express first and then onto internet explorer I can access my internet explorer homepage without receiving this message.

I've followed the internet explorer link for checking detecting settings and this works until the next time I log on when the message reappears.

Can anyone help with this ?

  stalion 20:03 04 Dec 05

try clearing your internet history and a clean up with cc cleaner
click here

  bristolgirl 18:20 19 Mar 06

Thanks henke, I will give it a go.

  bristolgirl 18:35 19 Mar 06

Unfortuantly, that did not cure the problem. Hope you can help again!

  Sethhaniel 14:28 20 Mar 06

Internet Explorer Cannot find server or DNS Error
I have been having this problem over the last 3-4 days on two computers in scotland - on btbroadband and here in england on works machine - friend on NTL one on Telewest and another on Wannadoo all having same problems

but havn't seen any news items but must be effecting a large number of people

  Cuddles 16:05 20 Mar 06

Have a read of this click here

  Sethhaniel 14:15 21 Mar 06
  bristolgirl 08:22 23 Mar 06

Thank you Cuddles and Sethhaiel but I have tried both solutions but to no avail!

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