Internet Explorer Add-ons

  Graham ® 12:02 13 Jan 05

I've disabled some Add-ons (Tools, Manage Add-ons) and my browsing has speeded up noticeably. Is this worthy of a general recommendation?

  rawprawn 12:06 13 Jan 05

I suppose it depends what you have disabled, the only thing I have disabled is \\\Windows Messenger that I don't use. All the resat are either pop up stoppers, Money, IE Spell etc, or security. What have you disabled it would be interesting to know if we all vary very much.

  Graham ® 12:18 13 Jan 05

1) {CD67... Browser Extension

2) Bad download blocker

3) Researcher

4) Windows Messenger

  Graham ® 12:22 13 Jan 05


1) AcroIE (Adobe)

2) IeSpell

3) Shockwave

  rawprawn 13:04 13 Jan 05

Wow, I do seem to have a lot but I am not sure that I can disable any without affecting what my computer does.All these are Enabled.

safer Networking


Acronis Popup Blocker

Acronis CAdBlocker

Fill Forms

Google Toollbar

IE Spell

IE OPtions

Money Viewer

Money Side Controls


Roboform Main Module

Roboform 2

Save Forms


Sun Java Console

  Graham ® 13:14 13 Jan 05

I should keep IeSpell and Adobe. Disable the rest, you can always enable them if any problems. You may notice a speed-up on this forum, I certainly did.

  rawprawn 13:21 13 Jan 05

I will give it a go and see what happens, are you BB 512 ?

  rawprawn 13:39 13 Jan 05

I have done as you suggested, but I can't see any real difference at the moment. I will leave the settings disabled for a while, as you know the speed on this site can vary enormously from day to day.

  Graham ® 13:40 13 Jan 05


  rawprawn 14:32 14 Jan 05

I have given it 24 hours, and I am not really convinced. It does seem to bo fairly quick but I get so much variation from the site itself it is difficult to say, so I will revert back for another day and see what happens.(I'm on 512) although the connection speed should not be a factor in any difference made by changing the Add in status, it should be relative.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:39 14 Jan 05

Just looked and have 6

Adobe, IEspell x2, Shockwave, java and Google toolbar

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