Internet Explorer 9 unstable, keeps closing

  Muergo 04:14 15 Sep 12

Has anyone had trouble with IE9 deciding to switch off when left alone for a while or overnight?

I have all my power saving options turned off and all is in awake all the time never sleep,.

It had been troublesome as it also won't automatically restore previous session, so I'm now using Firefox 16beta as my default browser.

OK you may say, stick with that but there are some sites which prefer to work on I.E.

  onthelimit1 09:07 15 Sep 12

Never had a problem with it but, if it gets too troublesome, you could roll back to IE8?

  sunnystaines 09:33 15 Sep 12

have you tried internet options adv tab then click on reset.

[you will then need to goto manage addons and enable one by one just in case one has gone belly up]

  Muergo 14:18 15 Sep 12

Thanks SunnyS (from Sunny "George" Staines, I had forgotten about that reset facility in Tools, seems to have fixed it but not gone over yet as Firefox still working seamlessly, anyway this is being sent on IE soall is well. I am forgetting more procedures as my 70th birthday approaches!! now resorting to postit notes on computer case to tell me how I did it last time, thank god for LastPass keeping all my passwords.

Perhaps we could have a SilverSurfers forum to post memory joggers.

Cannot make Jock1e link work.

  Muergo 09:58 19 Sep 12

Resurrecting this posting, sunnystaines put me onto the path of resetting IE9 and all seems well except I've lost my toolbars at the top of the screen despite having ticked all the ones I need, they don't show up in IE but are OK in Firefox.

  sunnystaines 09:58 20 Sep 12

right click the area where the toolbars should be, make sure "lock the toolbars" is unticked you should then be able to put your toolbars back from the options displayed by the right click.

  Muergo 13:05 20 Sep 12

I had done all of that sunnystaines, but then I disabled them and reenabled them and they came in. Thanks. I'm still not happy about IE9 and using Firefox more often, any other suggestions? I 've got great speed now I'm connected with Talktalk fibre optic but not as fast as they claim. Superfast 80 is supposed to do just that but can't do better than 45Mb but then I only need the top speed for streaming video.

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