Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate

  Snrub 10:56 11 Feb 11

Now that ie9 has advanced beyond its beta-stage is it worth downloading or is it best to wait for final release version?

  Jwbjnwolf 17:43 11 Feb 11

Seems pretty alright to me, already seems better than earlier versions.

But me, I am still all for Opera. I used to have Firefox but at this point in time, I have noticed that Opera is 2x as fast(fastest web browser I have used, and easiest to use as well)
Internet explorer 9 is a big improvement but i think that it still needs improving.(which is why I don't use Internet Explorer)

  Woolwell 18:46 11 Feb 11

It depends on how reliable you want your browser to be. IE9 may well work well but perhaps not with all sites. Then you may experience crashes too. It may be best to wait.

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