Internet Explorer 9 latest thoughts?

  compumac 29 Apr 11

I never download any new update/software at its first announcement, and wonder as to IE9's suitability. I am being continually prompted to download it and have not seen any current adverse comments. Anyone care to comment?

  buteman 29 Apr 11

The only problem I found on it was that there was no search bar on it. You have to empty the address bar and type what you are looking for on that. Thats the only draw back that I could see.

  rawprawn 29 Apr 11

No problem with IE 9 at all, try it for yourself you can always revert back by uninstalling it. Give it a chance!

  Pine Man 29 Apr 11

I have to agree. IE9 is, in my opinion, the best version yet - BUT not as good as Firefox ;-)

  buteman 29 Apr 11

I have gone back to IE8 but mainly use Firefox as it seams to work quicker. Update for Firefox is now Version 4.01

  wids001 29 Apr 11

Gave up on it and went over to Google Chrome. I couldn't log on to my bank account nor could the wife enter any on-line competitions. The pages came up as plain text. Other numerous niggles. Decided I would try Chrome and have found it very good.

However, I am not giving up on IE9. It is still on my system and hopefully future updates will iron out the problems I have found.

  Woolwell 29 Apr 11

I find IE9 to be quite quick and quicker than Firefox on this site. I have had only one snag. Royal Mail SmartStamp would not update with IE9 and I had to uninstall and go back to IE8. SmartStamp apparently depends on IE and no other browser to update (poor program). However I think that problem is cured. You can use compatibility mode.

  compumac 29 Apr 11

I have just noticed that IE9 is not being offered on any of my XP machines, only on Win 7??

  Woolwell 29 Apr 11

IE9 is only for Vista and Win 7. It wont work on XP.

  rdave13 29 Apr 11

For me it's the best browser yet. Have the latest FF but just as a stand-by.

  mooly 29 Apr 11

I'm finding IE9 excellent... just be aware some sites may need to be run in compatability view to work properly. On PCA I found I couldn't tick a thread as resolved and to get the green tick to "stick" (tried four times). Switched to compatability view and it worked first time.

I love the uncluttered appearance of IE9... for me its the best browser yet.


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