Internet Explorer 9

  happyhotspur 27 Apr 11

This version is crap!!! It will not save any of my settings and everytime I swith my laptop back on I have to reset my setting to how I want them. Worst of all I cannot get rid of IE9 and go back to IE8.

Is there anyway of getting rid of this version and reloading ie8?

  wiz-king 28 Apr 11

Add and remove programs > show updates > IE9 >remove and you should be back to IE8. Exact keystrokes/method will depend on the OS you have.

  happyhotspur 28 Apr 11

Thank you for this have now reverted back to IE8 and everything is back to normal except I cannot get my google toolbar to display my bookmarks,

But thanks for the above

  Strawballs 02 May 11

I tend to use Google Chrome I find it faster

  kristain 10 May 11

The users who are attempting to configure or alter the settings of Internet Explorer 9 are advised to start with the security and privacy settings of the browser. They play an important role in guarding the integrity of user data transferred over the network. The security and privacy settings can be configured by entering the ‘Options’ menu and the users should select a security level for the types of available connection and intended operations. The users can set Internet Explorer 9 to store or delete the browsing history and other files to enhance user privacy. In private filtering and smart screen options should also be turned on for enhancing browser security. get more help for Internet Explorer 9 settings hope this helps you.


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