Internet Explorer 7 and Roxio Easy Media Creator 7

  noclue 14:57 30 Dec 06

After reading about Internet Explorer 7 in a well known computer magazine along with its recommendation I went ahead with downloading it with the windows updates, everything seemed to work fine until I tried to use the Roxio Easy Media creator 7 software on the computer, the message I was receiving when trying to open roxio was "The certificate file is missing or has been corrupted. Please re-install it.". I searched the problem and it seems a lot of people are having difficulty with IE 7 and roxio and many other programs. Why on earth does Microsoft warn you that IE7 may cause other programs to stop working if downloaded. So I have decided to uninstall IE7 but when attempting to delete it in the add/remove programs a notice appears saying that if deleted any windows updates installed after IE7 may not work. I am not too sure what to do whether to go ahead and uninstall or leave well alone and not be able to use Roxio which is very very annoying. Any advice would be appreciated

  skidzy 15:06 30 Dec 06

Through add and remove programs,click uninstall..this will then roll back to IE6.

If still problems with Roxio,again uninstall it and have a cleanup with ccleaner click here and reboot.Reload Roxio.

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