Internet Explorer 6.0.2900...... SP2

  orangewhiteblue 13:43 15 Apr 05


For some strange reasons I am having problems with my IE. Links that usually work (not just your average web page) don't work.

1) Email from Ticket Master, which includes links
2) I run a website for a footy team and use an a web based application called CuteNews for posting news. I can add news but can't add pictures.

The two examples are very different but the problem is the same. I use the links on the page I am using and the cursor changes to a hand and then after a much longer period say 5 seconds changes to a egg timer. At this stage IE seems to refuse to function (not quite a lock up). Ctrl Alt Delete is then needed to shut IE down.

The screens that should be seen would normally be a new screen rather than a refreshed one.

I have the latest version of AVG.

  VoG II 13:50 15 Apr 05



(delete the space after //)

  Technotiger 13:52 15 Apr 05

Hi, dunno if this will help, but worth a look perhaps.

click here


  orangewhiteblue 14:51 15 Apr 05

Cheers VoG, but this didn't alter any thing.

Technotiger, I would take a look at the link but this is a classic example of one that won't work!


By some strange fate does that help you understand the problem?

  VoG II 14:53 15 Apr 05

Try http://

  Technotiger 15:01 15 Apr 05

OK, try this one then.

click here

  orangewhiteblue 16:54 15 Apr 05

Sorry guys same story.
I really don't fancy re installing everything!
Unfortunately my system restore has been off aswell!

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