Internet Explorer 6 Picture Problems

Running IE6 and W98SE: when I load a page and try to save a picture, regardless of what the picture is ie. GIF or JPG etc the save option defaults to BMP only. I cannot change the file format. Any ideas? V Annoying.

  Gaz 25 01:34 23 Mar 03

Like this

The filename.gif


whatever, and ignore the BMP.

  Kyomii 08:36 23 Mar 03

Although a few things can cause this, one of the most common is a full internet cache - have you emptied your Internet cache files?

Here is an MS article about the issue, which explains more about the issue and how to resolve

click here;en-us;Q260650

Hope this helps, it is annoying like you say!

  Kyomii 08:38 23 Mar 03

For goodness sake - why do thos MS addresses never go in right?!?

Copy and paste the following and then put http:// in front of the text in the address bar (no www);en-us;Q260650

  MAJ 09:20 23 Mar 03

If you edit the MS address when you are on the site, it will post okay, for example, your's is:;en-us;Q260650

edit it to look like this:

and it should post okay with the http. I.E. change the "sc" to "kb" and delete the "kb;en-us;Q".

And yes, Gazzer99, empty your Temporary Internet Files folder in IE > Tools > Internet options > General tab > Delete Files button. Hopefully that will cure it.

  Ladaman 09:41 23 Mar 03

I have the same problem and also i can't save as a .jpg in Paint.

I think its to do with the file association being used by another photo package (in my case Adobe Photoshop)

However i can save as .jpg in Opera and its a much quicker browser anyway...

Why didn't I try that. Fairly obvious when you think about it. Must admit I usually have a good clear out on a regular basis, but haven't done recently. Thanks again...

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