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  scrum half 16:14 03 Sep 09

Hi all,
i have IE which was installed by Mesh computers but i am having problems in opening downloaded documents, i am getting the message "do you want to open the file or save" when i select open, the message appears again. can i delete the IE and reinstall from the website?
srum half

  Graham. 16:21 03 Sep 09

IE is part of Windows, you can't delete it. Try Firefox click here

I suspect your problem is not caused by IE. What are the documents, Word, Excel, etc?

  Quiet Life 16:27 03 Sep 09

Downloading IE7 again will correct IE7 if that is the problem.
You could first update to IE8 which can be deleted if you do not like it.

  Pineman100 18:43 03 Sep 09

Or try resetting IE. click here

Do be sure to read the bit about losing your customisations, etc.

  Graham. 16:30 04 Sep 09

What happens if you select 'save'?

  scrum half 17:39 04 Sep 09

thanks to everyone who posted suggestions
scrum half

  Pineman100 18:13 04 Sep 09

Please be sure to post back with the results of whatever you do. It will help others who might read this thread.

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