Internet explorer 10?

  hiwatt 12 Mar 13

Hi folks Does anyone here use Internet explorer?If so is version 10 any good?I pretty much use Firefox exclusively but there was an update for IE 10 with my windows updates tonight.I currently have version 9 installed and was wondering is it worth installing version 109?Thanks folks!

  Takeshi-Fujimoto 13 Mar 13

Yes, IE 10 is actually very good and it can compete with the fox and the chrome-eo but there aren't many add-ons, mods, extensions/tools for it.

The only reason I switched from IE10 to Chrome was because in IE there was no option for a comfortable switching between bookmarks, where Firefox and Chrome support tons of these little customisable enhancements, take a look at at this example to see what I mean:

Other than that, Internet Explorer 10 is fast and reliable unlike it's previews versions. Good luck.

  rdave13 13 Mar 13

It loads this site faster than 9... :)

  hiwatt 13 Mar 13

With IE 10 the text on this site is more blurry than with using firefox(both with their default settings)Firefox in nice and clear but with IE 10 the letters aren't as sharp.Anyone else have this?Thanks.

  Pine Man 13 Mar 13

I have changed from Firefox back to IE.

IE10 is faster loading and faster opening a lot of sites including this one.

  Pine Man 13 Mar 13

If anything I would say that IE10 is clearer than Firefox (on my PC anyway).

  Woolwell 13 Mar 13

I have moved from Chrome to IE10. IE10 seems faster.

  Woolwell 13 Mar 13

Concur that IE10 seems clearer than Firefox.

  hiwatt 13 Mar 13

It's as if the clear type setting isn't on although firefox is absolutely fine.Any ideas.P.s how do I post a screen shot to show what I mean?Thanks.

  Cymro. 13 Mar 13

I have also downloaded IE10 and I too find it quicker on this site. Rather too soon to say if it is actually better than any other browser though.

  Batch 13 Mar 13

I found IE10 (on Win7) somewhat blurry as well. It struck me as soon as I started it up.

When I went to Windows Update this am, it said 4 important updates. 2 of them (one being IE10) were not checked. There was also a critical update for IE9. I decided to check IE10. In doing so the IE9 update failed and doesn't seem to want to install again, so I guess it is not needed with IE10. Odd, because MS has been better at managing this sort of thing in the past.


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