Internet disconnections

  Brian1944 17:28 17 Mar 11

Every morning Monday to Friday at 06:11 (give or take 15 seconds) my xDSL and Internet connections drop out. The disconnection lasts for approximately 90 seconds and the router then reconnects. This never happens on Saturday or Sunday. This causes my connection speed to drop sometimes as low as 256Kb.
My ISP (Waitrose-plusnet) and BT both say it is nothing to do with them and it must be interference within the house.

I have tried disconnecting all electrical equipement and running the router from an uniterupted power supply with the router plugged directly in to the test point on the incomming BT line thus disconnecting all phones. I have checked for local electrical interference (street lights etc) and can find nothing.

I have tried 4 different maskes of router all with the same problem.

This has been going on now for more than 2 years. Before it started my line speed was constant at 6Mb.

Router data for today.

Mar 17 06:12:04 PPP link down (Internet)

Mar 17 06:11:49 FIREWALL event (1 of 1): deleted rules

Mar 17 06:11:49 xDSL linestate up (ITU-T G.992.1; downstream: 4064 kbit/s, upstream: 448 kbit/s; output Power Down: 19.0 dBm, Up: 11.5 dBm; line Attenuation Down: 39.0 dB, Up: 25.0 dB; snr Margin Down: 6.5 dB, Up: 21.0 dB)

Mar 17 06:11:12 FIREWALL event (1 of 1): created rules

Mar 17 06:11:11 xDSL linestate down

Anyone have any suggestions?



  Batch 17:45 17 Mar 11

Is there a timer (e.g. Central Heating) somewhere in your house that kicks in at that time?

I can't think why the CH or anything else should be a particular issue though.

  961 17:53 17 Mar 11

click here

Download and install (free) router stats or router stats lite (according to make of router) and keep a record for a week of number and times of loss of sync (disconnections)

Then get back to Plusnet forwarding file of stats and ask them to escalate your complaint to a senior manager (Plusnet are usually quite good at pursuing problems once you climb the chain a little way)

Regular disconnections will ruin your broadband speed and until you can get a stable connection your struggling

What is happening can be caused by a host of things but disconnections at a regular time during weekdays but not at weekends looks so much like electrical interference from industrial machinery starting up somewhere near the phone line between you and the exchange

  Brian1944 19:32 17 Mar 11

Batch - I have tried with all house electrics and phones turned off - running the router from a battery powered uniterupted power supply.

961 - I run Router Stats 6.6 and have given results to ISPs and BT. They say the results are not sufficient to warrant further investigation.


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