Internet Connection Sharing usining dial-up

  Bagpipes 20:13 03 Jul 05

My Freeserve connection on the host computer is showing as connected and shared.
Wireless connection 11 Mbps with excellent connection on host computer. The wireless connection is the same on Client. OS is Windows XP Pro on both with AVG ant-virus and Zone Alarm Pro as well on both.

The Client computer shows two little windows indicating that it is connected to Freeserve thru the Host computer at 45.2 Kbps. In Network Connections there is an icon showing that the Internet Gateway is connected thru the Host computer.

The Host computer connects to the Internet when the client computer is switched on if it is not already connected. Connection speed is 45.2 Kbps usually.

The Host computer does not have any problems connecting to any web sites or doing updates from URL`s but the client computer cannot get connected to any web pages or download updates when it is connected thru the gateway. When it is connected to Freeserve directly and not the gateway then all is fine, so the problem is Internet Connection Sharing.

How can I share the dial-up connection between both computers so that they can access the Internet at the same time and not just individually

  mgmcc 22:42 03 Jul 05

I don't know about Zone Alarm Pro but, in the free version, the "Internet Zone Security" level in the *HOST* PC must be reduced from High to Medium or Internet Connection Sharing traffic will be blocked.

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