Internet Connection Sharing Problem

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 11:04 20 Nov 03

'lo all,

I currently have the pleasure of tinkering with two PCs (One running XP, the other 98), and have run into a problem with the Internet connection sharing part.

The XP machine is the host and can access the web just fine, but the 98 machine (although it says Internet Gateway enabled) won't load up any pages at all.

The machines can ping each other fine, as well as, browse each others files and use the same printer - it's just the net connection.

Any suggestions?

  igk 11:32 20 Nov 03

On your win98 pc,fire up IE,then "Tools",Internet options,Connections tab, down the bottom you see "lan settings" click this,under "use a proxy server for you lan" tick this and enter your "host pcs" IP address and port 6558.(you can find out you xphost pc's IP address by doing a properties on its lan connection)Hope this helps.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 11:43 20 Nov 03

No joy there I'm afraid.

Thanks for the suggestion but I already had that set-up, not too sure why it's misbehaving.

  Terrahawk 12:22 20 Nov 03

have you configured your firewall to be a ICS/NAT gateway

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 12:29 20 Nov 03

No, how would I do that?

There's currently no firewalls running on either of the computers though.

  Terrahawk 12:35 20 Nov 03

then thats not the problem
dns settings on the 98 machine could be another avenue to explore.
Alternativly have you run the small office /home networking wizard in xp, if not you will need a floppy disk to set up both machines.
Run the wizard in xp when it asks insert the floppy once complete remove the floppy insert it into the 98 machine and run the program off the disk

  jolorna 12:45 20 Nov 03

have you set up a internet account on your 98,then your 98 will connect to the internet through your lan

  Cretin07 13:01 20 Nov 03

i thought in the internet connections, lan settings the port used is 8080 and the ip is that of the windows xp machine. i think that may work as it is how mine is configured.

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