Internet Connection Sharing and DNS

  Gaz W 18:12 07 Nov 06


I've just set up a new Windows 2000 Server with Internet Connection Sharing. Everything has gone extremely smoothly, but the only problem I have is I can only access websites via their IP addresses on the client systems. I've configured DNS to the best of my knowledge, but I've probably done it wrong. It's either that or my firewall, although that is configured to specifically allow the server to use ICS.

I really don't want to turn the firewall off, because I can guarantee getting a virus within a minute of doing so. I did try it briefly and it made no difference.

Is there anything I can try?


  mgmcc 18:21 07 Nov 06

What DNS server addresses are you using?

Normally, with Internet Connection Sharing, the "Host" computer's IP address ( would be used as the Client's DNS server address, but try replacing that with fixed DNS addresses and use those of your ISP. (If you run IPCONFIG /ALL in the Host PC, you will see the DNS addresses allocated by the ISP).

  Gaz W 18:26 07 Nov 06

The DNS server is indeed and ICS was set up. I think the problem is the way I've set DNS up, because it's about 4 years since the last time!

I've been looking up tutorials on the internet but they don't seem all that helpful.

  postie24 18:27 07 Nov 06

Make sure your dns client is running in admin tools/services.

  Gaz W 18:29 07 Nov 06

It's running in services on the server if that's what you mean. I even restarted it to make sure. I think it's that I haven't done something right (forward and reverse lookup zones)... no idea how I'm supposed to set those up correctly.

  mgmcc 18:31 07 Nov 06

Also, in a Command Prompt window, try running these commands:



  Gaz W 18:34 07 Nov 06


I tried that on the client quite a few times. Just tried it on the server now.

  Gaz W 18:57 07 Nov 06

Still no luck so far. Any more ideas?

  Gaz W 18:59 07 Nov 06

It must be something to do with how I set this DNS Server up. I just went through the wizard and more or less left it, other than adding forward & reverse lookup zones and I think I did that wrong. Is there anywhere with a step by step guide on this?

  Gaz W 19:15 07 Nov 06

All I did was delete the forward lookup zone created and create a new one and it's fine!

Thanks to everyone for your contributions.


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