Internet connection problem

  agency_boy 14:01 08 Feb 08

I have a Thompson Router ST586 V6 which has always worked well using the PC directly connected and other PC's using wireless connections. All using Windows XP.
Have just got a new HP laptop with Vista. Can connect to the router either thru a LAN wire or wireless but cannot connect to the internet. Have checked with my ISP provider and all seems okay with my connection.
Have tried everthing to resolve this issue including checking changing settings on the router, the HP laptop.It also does'nt work on my neighbours network ie can connect but can'nt get the internet

Before I go back to the supplier of the new laptop, any one got any idea what is going on

  BurrWalnut 14:59 08 Feb 08

Have you looked in Network & Sharing Center and clicked the red X to the left of the internet icon.

Local only and limited or no connectivity, click here and click here

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