Internet Connection Problem

  Thomo1 09:44 06 Dec 06

At work we have a problem and we are stumped by it.

We have a problem with a customers upload speed, infact there is none!

It is an 8 meg buisiness connection with BT, and the downstream is fine (around 6.5 meg give or take)

However when running speed test for uploads we get nothing, the testers dont even register and just hang.

Outlook mail is taking around 1 hour to send a 2 MB e-mail.

Have spoken to BT and they say there is no fault on the line, this problem has been going on for a few months and gradually getting worse to the point upload speed is now non-existant according to the tests.

We have checked connections, firewall settings, filters, everything phyically possible.

Can anybody offer any help and assistance with this matter???

Kind Regards

  Diodorus Siculus 10:05 06 Dec 06

One option would be to try a different mail client, such as Thunderbird, and see if that will send mail any quicker - that will at least determine if it is an Outlook or system problem.

Given that the testers don't register, it's likely a system problem.

Can you try a different PC? Different modem/router?

  Thomo1 10:12 06 Dec 06

There are 3 PC's on site and they are act same as regards to upload.

Funnily enough as i wrote the problem above we managed to register a 7k upload speed! (eventually, it took a good 5 minutes)
Only registered on speedtester .net connecting to a server in Derby (approx 100 miles from where we are, Other speedtesters will not register still.

  Technotiger 10:14 06 Dec 06

I am not a 'techie'. but it looks to me as if the problem is at the customer's end! Has the customers system been checked?

  Thomo1 10:24 06 Dec 06

no viruses or as such on the machines,

AVG runs each morning and finds nothing.

  Technotiger 10:30 06 Dec 06

Hmmm, I was not just thinking of virus's, does the customer's machine have other such problems with his/her/their download speeds - is their machine fully defrag'd, temp files/cookies etc cleared - and all the other things that can make internet speeds slow-down.


  Thomo1 10:39 06 Dec 06

just emptied all temp files/cookies/browser history and run disk cleanup etc and still the same upload results.

De-fragger says that the drive does not need de-fragging.

  Thomo1 10:40 06 Dec 06

download speeds are fine, normallly an average of 6.5meg speeds are maintained.

  Technotiger 13:31 06 Dec 06

Well, as I said, I am not a 'techie', though I try.

Perhaps you would get more joy if you put your question into the Networking Forum.

Cheers and Good luck.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:36 06 Dec 06

Still think that trying a different router might help or failing that, reset the router in use.

  mgmcc 13:46 06 Dec 06

I would actually start by connecting a single PC directly to the broadband service - no routers, no switches, just an ADSL modem - and see what sort of performance that achieves. Ideally, use a computer (laptop?) that is known to perform reliably elsewhere.

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