Internet Connection Oddity

  NChick 17:35 21 Oct 07

Hi. When my laptop tries to connect to the internet, it goes through the motions, makes all the right noises and shows a connection speed and time spent so far, but there's no reaction from I.E. I type addresses that I know work, like Google, the hourglass pops up, but nothing actually happens... nothing!
My laptop has all the correct settings. It's a dial-up connection, with Virgin, with my laptop's internal modem.

  brundle 17:40 21 Oct 07

Ensure your firewall is not blocking IE.

Reset TCP/IP ; click here

If that doesn't help set up the dial up connection again (keep the original, just give the new one a different name). Go to Control Panel/Network Connections/Create a New Connection

  NChick 17:48 21 Oct 07

Have tried new connection trick, Win Xp Home. Have tried with and without firewall. What is TCP/IP? My computer experience is more to do with hardware upgrades and Windows versions, rather than anything internet related (although I'm sure my settings are okay).

  woodchip 17:51 21 Oct 07

IF you are XP turn the Firewall OFF in Security in Control Panel. Its a rubbish program

  NChick 17:56 21 Oct 07

XP's is the only firewall I have!

  brundle 18:06 21 Oct 07

TCP/IP is the protocol used for the internet. XP's firewall is better than nothing, and not such a big deal if you use dialup.

  NChick 16:04 16 Feb 08

I've tried turning the firewall off and can't really afford to pay to get it fixed... any ideas?

  woodchip 16:06 16 Feb 08

Have you done what i said ?

  woodchip 16:15 16 Feb 08

Reboot the modem

  NChick 18:13 24 Feb 08

Have done what you said, Woodchip... and do you mean, reinstall the modem?

  brundle 18:19 24 Feb 08

When you are online, even if IE is not responding, go to start menu/accessories/command prompt



Press return.

Of the results, the line you are interested in is this one;

Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),

What do you see when you run the command

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