Internet connection to Laptop

  Crazy legs 14:17 09 Sep 07


I've recently changed ISP to Vodafone, I can connect to the internet on the desktop p.c. no problem, but I can't seem to get access to the internet via the laptop. It say's that no network can be found. I've set the router up so that it's WEP protected.

The router is a Netgear DG834G Wireless ADSL Modem Router. The home computer is about 5 years old but the laptop is only about a year old and has Wi-Fi already built in. Can anyone offer me any advice with regards to getting online through the Laptop?

Thanks a lot.

  EARLR 14:36 09 Sep 07

Control panel-wireless network set up
good luck

  Crazy legs 15:00 09 Sep 07

I've followed the instructions you gave me, I went to setup wireless network etc. It asked to insert a Flash Drive, I've inserted a USB memory stick (don't know if this is a Flash Drive but it's the only thing I have), it asked me to then insert it to every other computer that's required for the network, (this being the laptop and home p.c).

It say's it's saved it all but I still can't connect online. It mentioned something about 'insert the flash drive to the wireless access point', what does this mean?

  Crazy legs 15:11 09 Sep 07

Something else it now say's:

"The wizard cannot create a wireless network, either because a wireles network adapter is not installed or because software for the wireless adapter is not installed"

Does that mean I'm going to have to go out and buy one?

Sorry for all the questions, thanks.

  woodchip 15:26 09 Sep 07

First remove the wep you setup, then try connecting after you have coppied the SSID you User Name and Password from router to Laptop WiFi settings

  Crazy legs 18:19 09 Sep 07

Can you explain how I do that then please, will I lose my internet connection that's on the home p.c. if I do that?

  woodchip 18:27 09 Sep 07

No you will not lose the Home PC connection, If you are using a Router you have to go into the Browser you use to enter an address for the router setup page. Like for mine it's that would be entered. It should tell you what to enter in the Router Manual or on the CD you got with it. in a readme file. In the Router settings you go to Wireless settings right down the SSID and your user name and password, do not try to setup Encryption until you can get it to connect. You then go into the WiFi settings this will depend on if it's built in or you use a PCMCIA card as I do. You then enter the above settings in the boxes where it asks for them

  woodchip 18:29 09 Sep 07

PS if you set the router up for Wep you should know how to get into setup page

  woodchip 18:30 09 Sep 07

And Wep is only for Wireless it as no effect on a Lan connection by wire

  Crazy legs 18:52 09 Sep 07

It won't do it, I'm really stuck here I've tried everything to get it to connect!!

  woodchip 19:18 09 Sep 07

After you save, the settings try reboot the router, leave router off for about a minute before turning it back on

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