INternet connection Issues...

  Ronyap 20:29 13 Aug 06


My friend has a computer with Onetel Dial Up connection. The internet works fine, the problem is just that it frequently disconnects itself automatically. Does anyone know about this. The one thing I know is that the cables are plugged in properly.


  Stuartli 20:34 13 Aug 06

If you go to Tools>Internet Options>highlight your ISP>Settings Button>Connection tab>Advanced button, you should get a menu up.

This can be configured to terminate a connection as required if no activity for a certain time or left on permanently.

It was orginally conceived to prevent dialup connections being inadvertently left on when not in use (or that is what I would suspect).

Also check that in Outlook Express on the Send/Receive panel that "Hang Up after collecting messages" or words to that effect is Disabled i.e unchecked.

  Stuartli 20:35 13 Aug 06

Another possibility is that someone has picked up the phone elsewhere and cut off the connection.

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