Internet connection help

  misters 13:26 28 Nov 09

Hi just recently there my laptop wont connect to the internet i haven't dloaded anything that i can think of yesterday everything was ok but when i tried to go online this morning i just wouldn't connect, i have shut down restarted etc checked cables made sure router was on tried everthing physically but it just wont connect, can someone please suggest a few things for me to try.

It runs windows vista home.

  rawprawn 13:39 28 Nov 09

Obvious I suppose, but have you checked that the wireless enable switch on your laptop has not been inadvertently turned off. It's usually somewhere at the front right hand side.

  misters 14:42 28 Nov 09

Yea its on and i have also tried connect wired.

  gigagiggles 15:17 28 Nov 09

IF you can run windows update, what's the status of your security software, if any?

  Halmer 18:02 28 Nov 09

got a firewall like Zone Alarm that may be blocking it?

  birdface 18:09 28 Nov 09

Try right clicking local Area Connection and press repair and see if it finds any faults.

  birdface 18:10 28 Nov 09

oops sorry ignore last just noticed that you are connected by a router.

  misters 15:39 29 Nov 09

Thanx for all the suggestions but its hard to tru a windows update or anything else online as i cant get connected atall i have even tried a friends router and it still doesnt connected so i'm thinking it must be te laptop itself like a virus of somsort but not being able to get online makes it difficult to check.
Anything else that i can try?

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