internet connection hacked!

Hi Guys,
Whilst downloading a piece of software, my antivirus warned of a hack attachment and supposedly neutralised it. Immediately afterwards my internet connection was taken over and I cannot access the net via my main pc. I deleted the software download and scanned my pc for any evidence of the hack file, with no success. I removed my adsl modem software and reinstalled but when I try to add a new dial up connection I receive the message:"Cannot load the remote access connection manager service. Error 711. The remote access manager could not start. Additional information is provided in the event log". When I start my pc up the modem connects to the adsl connection, so I assume the hacker has access to my pc. With this in mind I have disconnected the modem and changed all my passwords, but I cannot gain control of the connection. If anyone has any ideas how i can trace the malicious files so I can remove them I would be most grateful.


  § 10:51 23 Nov 04

lobo69 this would do better in the Helproom.

Sorry I've got no answer :(

  Jackcoms 10:52 23 Nov 04

You'd have a much better chance of receiving replies to this question if you posted it in the Helproom forum.

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