Internet connection dropping

  wee eddie 06:29 11 Jul 12

whenever I use the Phone.

Usually, not until I put the phone down

Any ideas as to cause and solution.

Old PC, upgraded and running Windows 7 with IE8. BT 20Mbps Contract but only achieving 3.3Mbps at maximum

  difarn 08:42 11 Jul 12

Is your phone a cordless one and are you talking about a wirless connection that is dropping?

If it is a cordless phone is it anywhere near the router? If so try to put it as far away as possible.

Is your telephone master socket functioning correctly? Is it one of the newer ones without the "bell wire". Do you have your filter connected directly to the master socket and the router connected directly to that?

  difarn 21:06 11 Jul 12

Another thing to consider is, if your phone is a wireless one, going into the configuration pages of the router and changing the wireless channel to say 11 - wireless phones tend to use frequencies 1 and 2.

  wee eddie 21:35 11 Jul 12

Hard wired Phone, hard wired PC but standard BT Wireless Router.

Everything is correctly wired, I think.

  difarn 22:25 11 Jul 12

Do you have any extension phones and do they have a filter that connects directly to their phone socket?

Is your phone connection also through BT? If so I would be inclined to ring their help desk.

  lotvic 20:02 14 Jul 12

Faulty Filter usually, try new ones or test the old ones by process of elimination.

  ams4127 21:48 14 Jul 12

Just cured the same problem with a BT Home Hub 2. Hard wired to PC and wireless to Laptop, iPad and Blacberry. Wireless kept dropping but hard wire OK.

Changed from Channel 1 to 11 and no drop outs for over a week now.


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