Internet connection via another computer

  JoshKarkeek 23:17 01 Jun 14

Hello Internet,

Having recently moved house I have not got a connection to the internet via normal means. However, there is a BT Hotspot in this area. I have two computers, only one of which has ability to use Wi-Fi, the one I am using now, and being quite old it is very difficult to use. I wish to have some form of connection between this and my new PC. I have Cat.5 cables connecting them and my newer PC recognises this and an "unidentified network" but I have no idea how to traffic an internet connection between them - if at all possible.

I know I could use a USB Wi-Fi device, but as I'm having normal broadband back within a "relatively" short time I only wish to rely on BT Hotspots temporarily.

  onthelimit1 09:01 02 Jun 14


Share the internet setting of first computer as Network and Sharing Center > local area connection > properties > sharing > allow other computers to connect .....

  woodchip 12:11 02 Jun 14

You have to first create a Network between both PC's then you can choose to share files printers and Connection to net

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